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From design to integration, we specialize in end-to-end solutions, providing warehouse systems that optimize efficiency and connectivity for businesses nationwide.

Site surveying & Consulting

For optimal warehouse solutions tailored to your needs – whether it’s installing warehouse racks, designing new storage systems, or auditing existing ones, you can trust in our team to take care of it. 

One of our experienced warehouse specialists will visit your facility to discuss your requirements, product types, flow, building details, and other essential information. This ensures the most efficient and secure design, ultimately maximizing your return on investment.

Permit Support

Our pallet racking services include helping you secure a local permit through your city’s building department. We offer signed and stamped seismic calculations and drawings, typically necessary for permits. We collaborate with you and the city for a swift and organized paperwork process.

Design & Engineering

Once equipped with the essential details, our team swiftly begins crafting your tailored storage solution. We focus on maximizing every inch of your warehouse space, considering your specific needs, budget, and timeline. All designs undergo a thorough review and stamp of approval from a structural engineer to ensure the safety of the systems. Upon completion, we present you with a quote for our optimal design.

Project Management & Installation

Our project managers will guide you throughout the entire project life cycle, serving as your primary contact. With a nationwide team of 90+ experienced pallet rack installers, we handle projects of any size. Our installers are seasoned, insured, professional, and safety-focused, adhering to OSHA regulations.

Rack Inspection Services, Maintenance, & Repair

We visit your site, carefully evaluate the warehouse and racking, identify any issues and best practices, and propose solutions in our thorough Hammerhead Safety Report. We’ll schedule a future appointment for repair and/or installation. Hammerhead adheres to Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI) guidelines, designing, engineering, manufacturing, and installing pallet rack repair kits to uphold quality and safety standards.

Rack Removal & Relocation

Moving? No problem. We handle the entire process of removing, shipping, and re-installing your pallet racking system nationwide. Whether you aim for a complete overhaul during warehouse relocation or prefer us to disassemble, bundle, transport, and reassemble your racking system, Hammerhead stands out as the top choice for pallet racking-related services.

Fire & Safety Consulting

Hammerhead collaborates with top warehouse fire safety consulting firms, ensuring your facility has the latest systems and policies for handling emergencies. Our services encompass the review of automatic sprinklers, smoke and heat vents, fire department access, and fire lanes. Additionally, we offer safety enhancements like safety netting, backstops, flue stops, and rack protection products as part of our safety consulting.

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