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Cold Storage Racking

We offer cold storage racking systems that work great in the harsh conditions of freezing temperatures. Our freezer racking systems reduce your facility’s energy costs and preserve space for more cold storage materials, increasing overall operational efficiency. 

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Hammerhead understands the importance of maximizing every inch of cubic space in cold storage and freezer applications. The cost of maintaining cold or freezing temperatures throughout a warehouse are expensive, that’s why it takes a company like Hammerhead to outfit your warehouse with the absolute maximum storage capacity, leaving no empty space spared.

Our solutions & benefits
Common inefficiencies

•  High Density Storage solutions such as drive-in rack, pallet shuttles or mobile rack are ideal

•  Maximize floor space and storage capacity

•  Increase energy efficiency

•  Reduce energy costs – high density storage reduces the amount of space required to chill

•  Operate products effectively in freezing temperatures

•  Automated systems reduce order picking times and can work constantly in harsh environment

•  Facilities aren’t utilizing floor space or storage space efficiently

•  The high cost of keeping a warehouse cold or freezing

•  Problems regulating temperature/humidity and product rotation which causes food spoilage.

•  Equipment failure caused by condensation, ice or other elemental forces.

•  Employees can only work for periods of time because the work environment is too harsh

•  Slower order picking rates


Our cold storage racks are equipped to handle high volume items and can be fully customized to fit your facility’s specific requirements.

Our freezer storage systems are designed to provide the ultimate solutions for all your cold storage needs. We offer a wide range of freezer storage and automated cold storage systems to choose from and work closely with our clients to deliver the highest-quality products on the market today.

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