Archive Shelving

Storage systems for boxed files and records

Archive storage racking is used for storing file boxes containing paper records such as legal documents that typically require long-term retention in records management facilities. Made up of roll formed pallet rack, connected by multiple catwalk racking systems and stairways, archive shelving allows for maximum storage density since most file boxes become relatively inactive over time. 

We offer two styles of archive shelving systems: (1) "Catwalk," where workers hand pick boxes, and (2) "Order picker," where an operator uses an order picker vehicle

Recommended Uses

•  Improve organizational efficiency by allowing easy storage and retrieval of files.

•  Highest density storage is available, increasing revenues and allowing for a quicker return on investment.

•  Catwalk systems do not require forklifts (usually served by VRC lifts).

•  Roll formed rack systems are less expensive cost per box.

•  Order picker style archive rack is less expensive than catwalk systems but are also 10-20% less dense.

•  Store file boxes 3 high and 3 deep per shelf level.

"Catwalk "style

•  Multi-level narrow aisle “catwalk” systems offer the highest density storage.

•  Catwalks are typically 9’- 10’ apart vertically, while service aisles are generally 30”- 36” wide and storage heights vary but are designed from 20’- 80’ high.


"Order Picker" style

•  Boxes are stored and retrieved from the fork truck platform.

•  This style is limited to 30’- 55’ high and the aisles are typically 56″- 60″ wide.

•  Commercial record management centers

•  Private record management centers

•  Storage of thousands of file boxes

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