Carton Flow Racks

Carton Flow Racks

Carton storage racks for order picking warehouse facilities

Carton Flow Racks or Gravity Flow Rack Systems are designed for rapid warehouse order picking areas where single items or cases need to be picked, processed and prepared to be shipped to their customers as quickly as possible.

Carton flow racking systems utilize the first-in-first-out (FIFO) method of product retrieval where products are loaded from the back aisle and gradually roll on wheels downward toward the operator who is order picking by hand.

Recommended Uses

•  Separate loading and picking aisles

•  Improved order picking rates and efficiency

•  Quicker retrieval and shorter travel time for operators, lowers labor costs

•  Improved product organization, better inventory control, more SKU facings

•  Continuous picking – product is always at the prime picking spot due to gravity assisted rack

•  Tracks can be manufactured in many different widths and lengths to fit any rack layout

•  May also be used as a push back system if against a wall or closed ended system

•  SKU replenishment does not interfere with operator picking, FIFO

•  Less floor space required

•  Roll formed or structural

•  Flow Bed types – choice of rollers on wheels made of steel, aluminum or plastic

•  Wheels are staggered to improve product flow

•  Roller centers vary depending on box sizes

•  Available as a stand-alone system or built into an existing rack layout with pallet storage overhead

•  Easily retrofits in existing rack beams

•  Shelves mount to both structural and roll formed rack

•  Supports 20-175 lbs. of product per foot

•  Ideal for full case or split case order picking operations

•  E-commerce fulfillment centers

•  FIFO – First-in-first-out storage

•  Staggered wheel bed design recommended for flexibility in box sizes

•  Roller bed

•  Heavy duty keg roller beds also available

•  Retail, food & beverage, parts distribution



Similarly to pallet flow, cartons or cases are loaded in the rear access point where they roll via gravity to the front picking face. Cases or cartons are then opened and individual items are picked to order.

The type of carton flow depends on a number of specifications such as carton weight, carton size, product movement speed, and operating environment are just a few. Ask our experts which style roller bed would best suit your facility.

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend a carton flow system if products are picked in full or split cases at least once a week but not more than half pallet a worth in the same week. Carton flow is ideal in picking operations where single items are picked from a carton or case to be processed such as pharmaceuticals or smaller sized E-commerce items.

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