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What We Do

We design, engineer, source, install and integrate storage systems for every industry, nationwide.

Material Handling & Warehouse Storage Solutions for Every Industry

Hammerhead offers unique racking solutions for every industry.

We design & install smart warehouse storage solutions for you.

Aided by a wide array of storage products and comprehensive maintenance services, clients are assisted by Hammerhead in maximizing their warehouse storage space, enhancing warehouse safety conditions, and achieving profitability through the mitigation of inefficiencies in their warehouse operations. The overarching objective is to enable owners and operators of distribution centers to realize their optimal return on investment.

Our process

When working with Hammerhead, every project begins with a consultation. From there, we design, quote, install, and integrate material handling racks to improve your warehouse operations


Chat with one of our warehouse experts so we can better understand your unique storage needs.


We'll design a custom facility plan that helps optimize product flow and maximizes storage capacity.


Our engineers will review the designs and specifications to make sure they meet structural and seismic code.


Once the designs are approved, we will provide a formal quote for all materials and services.


Our certified and insured installers will arrive on-site to install your custom warehouse storage solution.

You're safe with us

Safety Compliant
& Insured

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All of our racking materials are certified by The Rack Manufacturers Institute, Inc. (RMI), and our certified material handling installers are always insured. We make sure all of our designs are structurally and seismically approved, running calculations based on the location of your facility.

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Our Locations

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When working with Hammerhead, our rack specialists will recommend which materials are best suited for your unique needs as part of the design and engineering process. Below you can explore the different types of warehouse pallet rack systems we select from when designing your space.

Map Of HH offices
Southeast Office Northeast Office Central Office West Coast Office

Southeast Office

Hammerhead Warehouse Systems
South East Office

Tabatha Christianson

(813) 333-9093

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Northeast Office

Hammerhead Warehouse Systems
North East Office

John Bilotti

(973) 801-0309

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Central Office

Hammerhead Warehouse Systems
Mid Central Office

Derek Schaefer

(281) 300-5275

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West Coast Office

Hammerhead Warehouse Systems
West Coast Office

Matt Ritchie

(949) 691-1413

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Explore the racking systems we offer

Our large inventory features an extensive collection of warehouse racking systems for every need, including static and dynamic pallet racks, automated systems, and more. Whatever you are looking for, you can find it here. We fully customize every system to fit your industry’s specific needs.

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We’ll recommend a custom solution for your space.