Pallet Rack Removal & Relocation

For businesses, moving from one location to another can be a pricey and hassle-filled experience. This is especially true when moving warehouses, with costs soaring to thousands of dollars, depending on the complexity of your building. These costs can accumulate even higher when one considers mistakes that can happen during the moving process, such as organizational errors, damaged supplies, and worker injury.

That is why, when it comes to saving time and money as well as optimizing your new location’s organization, it is essential to bring a professional alongside your business. Here at Hammerhead LLC, we have 40 years of experience working with pallet racking systems and can provide your business with the pallet rack removal and relocation services you need to complete your business’s move successfully.

What Hammerhead Will Do for You

There are three parts of Hammerhead’s pallet rack removal and relocation: removal, shipping, and delivery. Hammerhead will come to your business’s old location and uninstall your pallet racking system. From there, we will ship your racking system to your new location, eliminating any worry about any of your racking system components becoming damaged in transit.

At this point, Hammerhead will deliver your racking system to your business’s new location. Your business may take the installation process into its own hands at this point, setting up its own system. Or you can allow us to reinstall the racking system to your business’s specifications.

If you would like to enhance your warehouse’s layout upon arrival, we can offer support with our premier pallet racking services to create a warehouse setup that will enhance your warehouse’s organization and productivity.

Act Now

Having a professional touch is essential when it comes to the cumbersome job of pallet rack removal and relocation. If you want to ensure your company’s transition goes smoothly, contact Hammerhead LLC today.

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