5 Ways To Use Cantilever Storage Racks in Your Facility

There are many different racking storage systems popular in warehouses, which only goes to show that they all have their uses. Warehouses heavily benefit from using different storage systems, as long as they utilize them to their fullest extent. To help you create a system that works for you, here’s 5 ways to use cantilever storage racks in your facility.

Fabric Storage

There are many different uses for a cantilever racking system, but one of the more useful ones is for holding softer materials that wouldn’t fit on a standard decking system. That’s why these systems are popular for storing fabrics and carpets. They can easily contain rolls of fabric securely.

Building Materials Storage

A lot of building materials are difficult to store with their odd shapes and heavy weight, but cantilever systems are great for storing a variety of building materials. The lack of vertical obstructions on these racks makes picking the items off a lot easier.

Large Item Storage

A lot of racking has difficulty storing those large, bulky items you can’t really stack without damaging the product. Things like furniture or heavy pallets can fit perfectly on a cantilever system without damaging products or workers. That’s why these systems are great for pallet storage for larger items that won’t efficiently fit on regular decking or shelving.

Tubing Storage

Cantilever storage systems are some of the best solutions for storing long and round objects, which is why storing tubing and piping is extremely common. Loading a normal pallet rack with tubing is difficult as the vertical supports get in the way, but these cantilever systems hold loose tubing in place while making loading and picking a lot easier.

Modifications to the System

The last of the 5 ways to use cantilever storage racks in your facility that we’ll talk about here is the modifications you can add to your systems to carry a variety of items. Things like wire mesh decking can be a great option for holding items that need more support, like fabrics. Rails are great for storing hanging items, and heavy-duty decking is a popular choice for those heavier loads like furniture.

There are many more ways you can use a cantilever system in your facility, but these are some of the more popular methods. Adding in these systems into your facility can help you efficiently store a lot of different materials and help you organize your storage area. All it takes is some proper planning and investment to fully utilize these benefits.

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