5 Signs It May Be Time for a Pallet Rack Safety Inspection

Pallet racking is very useful for any large storage space, as it can carry a large number of items. However, this racking is susceptible to damage, which can cause lots of problems and property damage that workers must deal with if the racking falls. That’s why you want to watch out for these five signs it may be time for a pallet rack safety inspection.


The first thing that you’ll notice on a rack that’s going bad is bent or damaged beams. This can occur from overloading the rack or run-ins with machinery. Either way, you should run a proper inspection of the racking in the area, along with a deeper inspection of the pallet racking that’s broken.

Safety Clips

A great way to check if something’s going wrong is by checking the safety clips on a racking system. If you notice that the clips aren’t where they usually are, try running a deeper inspection to find the cause of the missing clips and fix it.


The braces that help keep your pallet rack in the correct position can show signs of wear and bending in really bad cases. If you notice these issues, it’s time to schedule a proper pallet rack safety inspection to uncover any issues with your current design.

Dislodged Racking

Most racking layouts feature rows of racking lined up as perfectly as possible, which is why you should pay attention if you ever see any racking out of place. This is a great reason to run a pallet inspection, as you don’t want any pallet racks to fall and injure employees.


The last way to tell if you need to run a more in-depth inspection is if you find some uprights with warping or twisting. This is a clear sign of problems in your racking and an indication that a thorough inspection is necessary.

These are just five basic signs it may be time for a pallet rack safety inspection; you should still run frequent inspections every few weeks to check for anything dangerous. Also, don’t ignore other damage just because it’s not on this list; even small damage can be indicative of major problems in your pallet racking.

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