Top Safety Tips for Operating Pallet Flow Racks

Pallet flow racks are unique storage structures that often improve efficiency. Also called “gravity flow” racks, these essential warehouse components rely on gravity to transport materials throughout various locations within the rack. While there are many incredible benefits to this type of storage system, there are a few hazards that employees should watch out for when using them as well. Improve your methods with these top safety tips for operating pallet flow racks.

Place Pallets Precisely

Since flow racks use rollers and fundamental forces to organize pallets, staff members must use caution when preparing them for the loading process. Precise pallet placement is essential, as one wrong move could derail the entire system. If professionals load pallets onto gravity racks improperly, they increase the chances of jams that will disrupt the workflow. This kind of event often slows down operations and can negatively impact your bottom line.

Operate Vehicles Carefully

To use pallet flow racks at their full capacity, facilities must use forklifts to transport and load pallets. Like pallet placement, vehicles must be in the right place at the right time to load and unload materials. Forklift operators must center forks perfectly and ensure they’re tilting at the correct angle so that pallets hit gravity rollers the right way. Making a mistake could lead to clogged pallets that can be dangerous to adjust, especially if the rack is full.

Practice Safe Jam Clearing

If you want to operate pallet flow racks safely, you need to know how to clear jams when they occur. Doing so the wrong way can lead to several significant safety hazards, including falling and crushing risks that could seriously injure employees. Under no circumstances should workers climb into a live gravity rack, as they could sustain injuries from heavy, rolling pallets. Instead, staff members should practice “plugging” by gently using forklifts to nudge pallets back into place.

Anchor Your Structures

Your pallet flow racks should have anchors that secure them to your facility’s floor. These mechanisms eliminate the risk of racks toppling over due to vehicle impacts and other risky conditions. Anchoring your gravity flow racks will make them more stable and prevent any collapsing events that could damage equipment or products and harm employees.

Upholding safety standards in your warehouse is essential if you want to operate an efficient facility. Don’t wait until an accident occurs to fix your pallet flow racking system. Contact us today and let us fit you with state-of-the-art structures that can withstand the heaviest loads.

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