5 Things To Know Before Starting a Vertical Farm

5 Things To Know Before Starting a Vertical Farm

Farming is always looking for new innovations and techniques for more efficient methods. This inventiveness birthed vertical farming. Vertical farming systems save resources and space and can grow indoors with only a simple setup and investment. There are five things to know before starting a vertical farm.

1. Plants To Grow

The first thing you should figure out is the plants you want in your vertical farming racks and their needs. Every plant requires different growing conditions, and your farm should account for these needs before you build it. Otherwise, your plants may not grow as you want them to and may fail.

2. Location

The next step is to choose the location for your vertical farm and develop the area. You should choose a place that you can control and can fulfill your plants’ needs. Many companies use indoor space they can isolate for the best control over the environment.

3. Finances

One of the more serious questions you should ask yourself when setting up a vertical farm is about funding. Although vertical farming is cheaper over time, it does cost a bit to set up initially. Finding funders and planning out your clients and customers beforehand can help you avoid any financial problems after creating the vertical farm.

4. Operations

Although vertical farms can be easier to operate than other farming systems, they still require consistent operation and maintenance. Find workers who can take care of the plants as they grow and repair people who can come and fix things before they completely fall apart. Additionally, hiring an expert in the care of vertical farms and plants can prevent many future plant growth issues.

5. Equipment

You also need to organize the equipment for your farm. Figure out the water, pumps, and lighting. Purchasing pest control equipment and other care equipment before ordering your vertical farming system will save you a lot of future headaches.

Hopefully, these five things to know before starting a vertical farm can make building and running your farm much easier. Many of these projects struggle at first, which is why proper preparation is so important. Take your time figuring out these five parts of vertical farm creation for the best chances at success.