The Best Pallet Racking Systems for High-Volume Warehousing

Pallet racking systems are vital to proper space management in a warehouse because utilizing your space as efficiently as possible will increase your profits. However, not every item and place is the same. So, you’ll need to figure out what racking system to get for your warehouse. If you need warehouse pallet racking systems, check out this list of the best pallet racking systems for high-volume warehousing.

Push-Back Racking

One of the simplest forms of high-density racking to install and utilize is push-back racking. This racking style lets you stack pallets in rows very easily, making the picking process much easier for your workers.

Drive-In/Drive-Through Racking

Another high-density racking system is drive-in racking. This system lets a forklift maneuver inside the system to store and pick pallets, efficiently using all the space for large bundles of items.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is effective at storing large amounts of irregularly shaped products. You can store individual items like poles or bundles safely in cantilever racking without losing space. This feature makes it ideal for high-density storage in any facility that holds weirdly shaped objects.

Satellite Racking

Satellite racking is a unique system that uses crane-like machinery to place and pick any pallets from a wide area. This makes it optimal for storing large and heavy pallets without necessitating workers to use a forklift for pallet access.

High-Rise Racking

High-rise racking is all about using any empty overhead space that you couldn’t take advantage of otherwise. Many storage facilities don’t use all the space above their heads, losing out on a considerable amount of space. This is why high-rise racking can be just what you need when you have a building with tall ceilings. Also, you can mix high-rise racking with other types of racks to create some great heavy-density storage systems.

These are some of the best pallet racking systems for high-volume warehousing that come with impressive space efficiency. With just a little planning, you can include these systems in your warehouse and start storing even more than you did before. Contact Hammerhead today to get the perfect racking system for your needs.

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