Important Installations for Increased Pallet Rack Safety

Whether you’re setting up a warehouse or adding in some storage space, you should be careful of the potential safety risks to your employees. This is especially true when it comes to pallet racking, as these can be a big risk for employees if installed without the proper care. That’s why you should learn the important installations for increased pallet rack safety before you change your storage area.

Rack Anchoring

One of the key factors of pallet rack safety is the anchoring that holds it in place after installation. There are many different types of anchoring that are useful for various racking systems. However, there’s generally a layout that anchors the racking to the ground and another that anchors the top to a wall or some other stationary object.

Protective Accessories

There’s only so much you can do with the base racking system that increases safety, but there are plenty of other accessories you can get that will improve your racking. Netting systems and similar accessories can keep your racking upright and prevent items from falling. There are plenty of accessories you can get during installation that protect your pallet racks and keep workers safe, like rack leg guards.

Proper Beam and Bracing Installation

A large part of the important installations for increased pallet rack safety is the beams and bracing inside the pallet rack. Both of these parts are integral for supporting the racking and shelves, which is why improper installation can be so dangerous. As such, you should always hire pallet racking installation services to avoid any pallet racking issues further on.

Spacing for Workers

Another big part of the installation process that impacts safety is the space you give workers with the racking layout. In general, a storage area should leave about 75 percent of the space for the employees. Otherwise, the chances of injuries increase and more accidents happen because of the decrease in space.

In these ways, you can increase worker safety during and after the installation of your racking system. By focusing on proper installation and keeping these tips in mind during planning, you can make a safe system for your workers.

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