How To Maximize Your Indoor Farming Yield

Every farm lives or dies off of its yield of produce. That is why there are so many different styles of farming, each trying to increase farm yields. A good system that has recently found a lot of success is vertical growing systems, which have many benefits if executed correctly. So, knowing how to maximize your indoor farming yield is vital to success.

Climate Control

One of the biggest differences between outdoor and indoor farming is the ability to control the climate and environment. By using proper heating and cooling systems along with other climate machines, you can create the ideal area for your plants to grow.

Space Usage

Indoor farms do have a major limit—floor space. There is only so much room in a building to house plants. That is why people use high-density vertical growing systems that maximize the space by utilizing empty space overhead.

Nutrient Control

These vertical systems also give a lot of control over the nutrients you feed into the plants. They do this by not using soil to grow the plants—only water. This allows you full control over what nutrients you plant receives.

Resource Efficiency

Another great part about the vertical growing system is the fact that it uses very little water in comparison to soil-grown plants. This means that it is cheaper to grow plants in a vertical system over regular soil plants.


Indoor systems also have the advantage of light control. It’s virtually impossible to efficiently control the amount of light that a plant gets if it’s outside. However, indoor lighting systems can help control exactly how much light a plant receives to control its growth without risking the plant’s health.

These are the major things you must control and manage to properly run an indoor farm. By fully utilizing these steps, you will know how to maximize your indoor farming yield.

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