Choosing Between New and Used Pallet Racking

Investing in pallet racking for your storage area can cost a bit of money upfront—but you should make it back with good storage systems and profits. You can offset the cost by getting a used pallet racking system. However, choosing between new and used pallet racking is more complex than just the price. Here’re the major things to consider when choosing your material storage racks.

Price Difference

The biggest reason so many people get used pallet racking is the money it saves compared to new racking. The upfront costs of new racking can be much higher than racking that’s already seen use. However, used racking has a lower lifespan than newer counterparts, meaning you might spend more on maintenance.

Environmental Costs

Another reason to consider used pallet racking is the environmental impact that creating a new racking system can cause. Ordering a new system creates a lot of waste, which pollutes the environment, whereas reusing racking avoids this problem altogether.


One thing you need to consider is the safety of using used pallet racking. A new rack should be safe for your employees as long as you take the proper precautions. Used pallet racking is safe if you get it from a reputable source and inspect it for any previous damage. You’ll need to run frequent inspections to watch for any damage in your racking.

Fitting Your Space

A big reason many people get new pallet racking is to order specific racking for their area. New racking is something you can get custom-made for your storage area, which will give you full control over your systems. Used racking isn’t something you can change, so you can’t optimize your area as much.

These are the things you must consider when choosing between new and used pallet racking: the money you can save, the safety and maintenance cost, and your setup. By weighing all your options, you can choose what’s best for your storage area.

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