The Benefits of Rivet Shelving for Record Storage

The Benefits of Rivet Shelving for Record Storage

Storing records is an arduous task for every business, as you need to keep your papers for years on end. That’s why so many companies outsource their storage to places with the proper equipment. One of the best equipment for storing records is rivet shelving, and you only need to look through the benefits of rivet shelving for record storage to see why.


Rivet shelving is an extremely sturdy racking system. The shelving design makes it more than capable of carrying hundreds of pounds without buckling or damaging the frame. This makes it perfect for the long-term storage of records.

Carton/Box Storage

Rivet racking is a bit different from many other racking systems as they store boxes and cartons instead of pallets. This makes them perfect for storing the large file boxes where many people keep their records. Because of its efficiency in storing these boxes, rivet racking makes for a good high-density record storage system that uses space effectively.

Easy Picking Methods

There are different types of rivet shelving, but they all are easy to access and make picking easy. With open shelving and shallow racks, getting things off the shelving is easy for any worker to accomplish and makes record-keeping easier to manage.

Quick Construction

Another reason why rivet shelving is so useful for record-keeping is because of its easy and quick construction. This makes it easy to expand and adjust the racking system, letting people keep up with increases in storage space demands as companies grow.

All the benefits of rivet shelving for record storage are why it’s an industry standard. It constantly out-performs expectations and allows for quick expansion while promoting easy record management. All around, the rivet racking systems are some of the best archive storage racks, giving you great returns on your long-term storage investments.