3 Advantages of Cantilever Storage Racks

Storage areas can’t always effectively rely on basic pallet racks alone, as there are many products and items that won’t sit on the racks safely or efficiently. That’s why a good warehouse will use racking that specifically targets their needs. As a result, understanding the three main advantages of cantilever storage racking is something you should do when looking to improve efficiency.

What Are Cantilever Storage Racks?

Cantilever storage racks are a common racking option that specializes in carrying long, tall, and heavy items that don’t fit on a pallet. Things like steel pipes or other construction materials are perfect fits for these storage racks. Depending on your racks’ exact models and designs, you can use them to store lots of things, from large appliances to heavy pallets to rugs.

High-Density Unique Storage

Cantilever racks are so desirable for warehouse racks because they can store odd items efficiently. By stacking these systems high, you can save lots of floorspace and use overhead space for your storage area. You’ll likely need heavy machinery to utilize the higher racks to their fullest extent, though.

Highly Adjustable and Customizable

Another reason lots of people like using these racking systems is that they’re highly customizable. There are many configurations and accessories that you can add to these systems to completely change what they do and carry. It all depends on what you need for your storage area to create the best storage system for you.

Great for Storing Items Safely

The last reason why people like using cantilever storage systems is that they increase worker safety around the storage area. Since they’re effective at storing odd items that can be difficult and dangerous in other storage systems, they can prevent items from falling or mishandling of products. This increases the safety of the workplace, which should always be a top priority for managers.

Therefore, so many companies are better off when they include cantilever storage systems in their storage areas. Although there can be many options that work in your storage space, adding these cantilever systems can positively affect your warehouse.

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