Pallet Flow Racks

Pallet Flow Racks | First In First Out Gravity Assisted Pallet Rack

Pallet flow racks consist of pallet rack with roller lanes installed on the beams at a slight decline. Pallet loads are delivered into the rear of the rack assisted by entry guides and the load then flows to the front face via the gravity assisted roller lanes until it reaches the pallet stop. Pallet flow racking utilizes a first in first out (FIFO) system of operations and works best for products that must be rotated due to time sensitivity.

  • Available in roll formed or structural steel
  • Roller lanes mounted on beams allow pallets to glide down to the pallet stop at the front end
  • A braking system on the roller lanes ensure pallets speed is controlled
  • Pallet stops keep the pallet from rolling off the front end
  • High density storage
  • Separate loading and picking aisles allow safer movement between fork lifts and employees
  • FIFO – constant product rotation, best for time sensitive products
  • Allows for multiple pallet sizes and weights to be used in pallet flow systems
  • Increased order picking efficiency due to shorter travel time and quicker retrieval
  • Pallet replenishment does not interfere with lift truck picking
  • Front only loading from a single aisle, similar to Drive-in rack
  • Height requirement dependent on the required incline of the slope and depth of the lane
  • FIFO – First in First Out storage and retrieval
  • Pick Module and Staging areas
  • Large value per SKU
  • High throughput
  • Ideal for time sensitive products
  • Food and Beverage facilities
  • Grocery and drug distribution facilities
  • Freezer and Cooler facilities
  • Transport area – where facility uses a flow design for product staging

Frequently Asked Questions About Pallet Flow Racks

Pallet flow rack typically store anywhere from 2 to 25 pallets per lane but can be engineered to accommodate more if necessary.

Pallet loads are delivered and loaded into the rear access point of the rack assisted by entry guides. The pallet flow roller lanes are installed at a gradually decline toward the front end which allows the pallets to flow downward to the front face via the gravity until it reaches the pallet stop. Products are then picked from the pallet and typically placed on conveyors for further processing. Empty pallets are loaded onto roller beds called “empty return lanes” which run in the opposite direction, returning them to the rear access point to be reused.

As a general rule of thumb, the most common pitch give to pallet flow lanes is 1/2 inch per linear foot.In other words, if the lane is 10 feet long, the loading end will be 5 inches higher than the picking end. This allows for pallets to gradually flow from the loading end to the picking end.

Pallet flow rack works great with first in first out systems and/or staging areas. Pallet flow rack is ideal for order fulfillment centers and picking module systems where larger items such as cases, boxes or cartons need to be picked from pallets.They are perfect for the food and beverage industry where product is time sensitive.

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