Pallet Rack Repair & Maintenance

Pallet Rack Repair

We will come to your location, assess the warehouse and racking, identify problem areas and good practices, offer a variety of solutions to fix, if necessary, in our detailed Hammerhead Safety Report, and complete our work with pallet rack repair and maintenance or installation during a later appointment.

Hammerhead designs, engineers, manufactures, and installs pallet rack repair kits per the guidelines of the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI) to ensure quality and safety control. We have the ability to create fully custom kits to repair any pallet rack structure.

Pallet rack damage can be caused by various factors, including:

  1. Forklift Collisions: Forklifts are commonly used to load and unload pallets from racks, and accidents or collisions with the racks can result in damage. This can happen due to operator error, lack of training, or insufficient clearance between the forklift and the rack.

  2. Overloading: Exceeding the weight capacity of the pallet rack can lead to structural damage. Racks are designed to hold specific loads, and placing heavier loads than recommended can cause beams to bend or collapse, uprights to deform, or connections to fail.

  3. Improper Loading: Incorrectly positioning pallets on the rack or placing them unevenly can cause strain on the rack structure. Unevenly distributed loads can lead to unbalanced weight distribution, increasing the risk of rack failure.

  4. Inadequate Maintenance: Lack of regular inspection and maintenance can contribute to pallet rack damage. Over time, wear and tear, such as rust, corrosion, or loose bolts, can weaken the rack’s integrity and make it more susceptible to failure.

  5. Improper Installation: If pallet racks are not installed correctly or according to manufacturer guidelines, it can compromise their stability. Incorrect assembly, improper anchoring, or using incompatible components can weaken the structure and increase the risk of damage.

  6. Environmental Factors: Environmental conditions, such as seismic activity or extreme weather events, can cause pallet rack damage. Earthquakes, strong winds, or flooding can exert forces on the racks beyond their design limits, leading to deformation or collapse.

  7. Lack of Training and Safety Procedures: Insufficient training of forklift operators, lack of adherence to safety protocols, or negligence in following loading and unloading procedures can increase the chances of accidents and damage to the pallet racks.

It is important to regularly inspect and maintain pallet racks, train operators properly, follow weight capacity guidelines, and ensure adherence to safety protocols to minimize the risk of rack damage and maintain a safe working environment.

Hammerhead Pallet Rack Repair & Maintenance Program

Hammerhead offers companies annual maintenance packages for one or more facilities throughout the US.

We’ll create a custom pallet rack repair and maintenance plan tailored to your specific needs.


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