Physical Document Storage: Is It Obsolete?

With the growth of electronic systems and the convenience they bring, a lot of people wonder why anyone stores physical documents. It seems pointless for many people if they can save space by storing them digitally. However, physical document storage is far from obsolete and still has a lot of purpose in today’s world.

Legal Requirements

The first and biggest reason why so many places still use physical document storage is the legal requirements for physical records. There are a lot of industries and situations that need physical documentation of situations for legal reasons. A common scenario is signing contracts, which was done entirely by hand until very recently. The medical and legal industries have regulations and policies that require a physical paper trail to ensure everything is official and undeniable.

Easy and Quick Access

Another reason people still use physical documentation and storage is quick access to the original document. Whether it’s for their own internal records or audits and the like, there are a lot of times when quick access to a physical document is necessary and useful. Also, physical documentation is easier when you don’t make many documents. Smaller businesses certainly don’t need large storage spaces; all they need are some simple on-site archive storage racks to store their documents.


Another reason physical storage is so useful is the security you can put on a physical document. Digital records suffer extra risks because of additional access to the internet and cyberattacks. Physical documents are safe from remote access and require someone to be physically present if they want to steal them. Storing these documents on-site or off-site can greatly increase their security over digital or cloud storage.

Joint Storage

Lastly, most companies use both digital and physical storage for their documents and reports, giving the best of both worlds. Storing important documents in physical form and creating a digital space that stores the rest is extremely helpful for efficiency and safety.

These are the major reasons why companies still use physical documents, even in this digital age. They still serve a purpose even in our current technological age.

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