Essential Equipment for Efficient Vertical Farming

More people are looking into alternative farming methods as society continues to prioritize sustainability. One of these techniques, vertical farming, is quickly becoming the future of agriculture. Due to their compact nature, vertical farms can take shape in a variety of urban spaces; people can even convert empty warehouses into growing facilities that put produce right in the middle of the community. If you’re thinking about getting into the business, here is some essential equipment for efficient vertical farming.

Vertical Grow Racks

At the heart of every urban farm are vertical grow racks. These specialized units allow farmers to grow their plants up instead of out. This technique enables professionals to conserve space and cultivate more produce per square foot than traditional farming methods. Of all the essential equipment for efficient vertical farming, vertical racking systems are among the most important.

Mobile Carriages

Mobile carriages allow vertical farming facilities to utilize unused space. These components are essential to any vertical grow system. These carriages typically have anti-tipping elements that protect fresh produce and lower the likelihood of damage. They also improve productivity by reducing downtime and energy consumption.

Adequate Lighting

No matter what you’re growing, plants need adequate lighting to thrive in any kind of environment. Since vertical farms typically operate indoors, farmers need artificial solutions to give their produce the necessary nutrients. LED lights offer crops the same benefits as sunlight while using less heat and energy. The size and amount of lighting required will depend on the size of your facility, so be diligent when installing these fixtures.

HVAC Systems

Just as crops struggle to survive during harsh winters, vertical farms can’t thrive in an unregulated environment. Your facility will need a functioning HVAC system to maintain optimal temperatures that promote plant growth. Controlling a vertical farm’s airflow with an HVAC system will also help prevent mold, bacteria, and any other organisms that could contaminate your growing system.

You can’t have a successful vertical farm without the right tools and equipment. At Hammerhead, we have every kind of rack you’ll need to build an efficient facility. Contact us today and let us provide you with the state-of-the-art equipment you need for a thriving urban farm.

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