Does Pallet Racking Need To Be Bolted Down?

Pallet racks are essential components in warehouses everywhere. However, these complex pieces of equipment pose many safety hazards if you don’t install and maintain them properly. If your racking system isn’t secure, you might be putting yourself, your employees, and your facility in harm’s way.

Does pallet racking need to be bolted down? The short answer is a resounding yes. Keep reading to learn more about this topic and how securing your pallet racks can improve your warehouse’s working conditions.

To Bolt or Not To Bolt

Not every aspect of your warehouse comes with tight regulations. However, when it comes to your pallet racks, there are national standards that you’ll need to meet. You must secure all rack columns in your warehouse to the floor with strong and sturdy bolts.

Additionally, you need to install base or foot plates to secure your racks completely. Doing so will ensure that you adhere to national standards and reduce your liability as a supervisor, manager, or owner.

Why Is Bolting Necessary?

Bolting your pallet racks is necessary for various reasons. Securing your racking systems is mainly a matter of safety. An unbolted rack can topple over onto unsuspecting employees and cause significant and sometimes devastating injuries. This likelihood increases if your staff operates forklifts and other heavy machines that could knock over your pallet racks with ease.

Bolting your racking system also protects your inventory. Falling racks can damage products as they touch the floor and other pieces of equipment. If a natural disaster occurs that could potentially knock over your equipment, your racks and materials will stay safely secured to the floor of your warehouse.

How To Secure Your Racking System

Now that you know to bolt down your pallet racking systems, inspect your facility to see if you’re in adherence. If you find racks without bolts, plates, or both, install the proper hardware immediately to mitigate any dangerous situations.

It’s best to hire a reputable material handling company like Hammerhead to secure your warehouse racking systems. Our knowledgeable staff will whip your facility into shape and address any safety concerns. Don’t wait for an accident to bolt down your equipment. Instead, contact us today to get your warehouse up to standard.

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