Are Cold Storage Racks More Easily Damaged?

Some warehouses require special equipment to store inventory at low temperatures. Through the use of cold storage racks, facilities that use freezers can take on larger volumes at once. However, a common question from industry professionals is, “Are cold storage racks more easily damaged?”

The short answer is, “Yes.” Take a look at why this occurs and what warehouses can do to improve their conditions.

Confined Space

Limited storage space can create a hazardous environment. If employees don’t have enough room to operate picking equipment, they’re more likely to bump into racks and cause significant destruction. This is one of several factors that cause cold storage racks to sustain damage more easily.

To solve this problem, warehouses need to implement racking systems made from sturdy materials that can withstand impacts caused by confined spaces. It’s also helpful to keep space needs in mind when designing the layout of your warehouse.

Slippery Surfaces

Cold temperatures often cause condensation and other moisture to develop on floors and surfaces of storage facilities. As such, employees performing manual labor can easily slide into structures, causing harm to the racks. Forklifts and shuttles can also potentially slip and crash into cold storage systems.

Temperature control is the best way to avoid dangerous conditions. Employees should carefully monitor conditions and check for ice and standing water on the storage floor. Maintaining an area clear of moisture will dramatically improve the longevity of your cold storage racks.

Cold Temperatures

Cold temperatures affect more than surface friction. Working in freezing conditions can influence the way warehouse employees work. Low temperatures often slow down reaction times, making rack impacts with forklifts, shuttles, and other heavy machinery more frequent.

One solution to fighting cold temperatures is to prioritize employee comfort. Providing adequate warmth through uniforms and other company-issued clothing pieces such as coats and gloves will help employees remain sharp on the job. Warehouses should also ensure there are warm places for staff to take breaks, so they’ll have the mental clarity to avoid damaging structures.

Cold storage racks are essential components vital to the success of many warehouses. Employees should practice caution and handle them with care to maximize efficiency, cut repair costs, and improve their overall lifespan. Our staff has the necessary knowledge to help you meet all of your cold and freezer storage needs, so contact us today!

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