Why Your Warehouse Could Benefit From Carton Flow Racks

There are a lot of racking systems you can use in your warehouse to improve your storage area. But one of the more versatile and useful options may be a carton flow racking system. Here are some reasons your warehouse could benefit from carton flow racks.

Increased Efficiency

Carton flow racks are a great way you can increase both the efficiency of your workers and your space utilization. The loading and picking spots are separate, meaning workers won’t block each other. The systems are also modular, so you can stack as many as you need and fit them into your layout very easily.

Improved Worker Safety

Every warehouse should worry about the safety of their workers. That’s another reason why carton flow racks can be so useful for your warehouse, as good organization and planning makes these systems safer for employees. The separation of the loading and unloading places makes it easier for employees to navigate and prevents congestion.

Control Your Inventory

Carton storage racks use the first-in-first-out method when storing items. Meaning you cycle through your inventory without having items that never leave the system. This is particularly useful for items that spoil or age poorly, like food or makeup.

Varies Your Storage

Another reason why carton flow racking can benefit your warehouse is that it can carry various goods and improve your other storage solutions. Though you can replace all your storage with carton flow racking, it’s typically better to create a system that uses carton flow and other racking systems simultaneously. This means you can carry various items, matching the items to the best racking for the product.

This is why your warehouse can really benefit from installing some carton flow racking in your storage area. The additional safety and increased efficiency are great boons to any warehouse and will make up for the necessary investment quickly.