What Is the Max Capacity of a Pallet Rack?

What Is the Max Capacity of a Pallet Rack?

Pallet racking is perfect for carrying items in storage for long times, but you can’t just store anything. Pallet racks have a max weight they can carry before the weight damages and breaks the racking. Even if it holds for a bit, it’ll eventually break, possibly hurting someone. That’s why you should know the max capacity of a pallet rack.

Typical Pallet Rack

A normal pallet rack uses two beams to carry the weight of the pallets. Thus, the capacity of those beams is the limit. For the most traditional pallet rack system, 2000 pounds is the limit of what you can store on a single rack.

Calculate the Max

However, that’s only true for the most traditional racking systems. Other racking systems, such as record storage racks, can carry different amounts. That’s why you want to learn how to calculate the max weight limit of your specific racking system.

Use the Manufacturer’s Limits

The first place to start is learning what the manufacturer suggests for each piece of your racking system. Manufacturers will tell you how much a piece can carry so that you can plan around that limit. So, reach out to the manufacturer or use the information they provide to learn the max weight your parts can carry.

Factor in Everything

After finding the limit, you need to calculate what that means for the whole racking system by factoring in every piece and accessory your racking uses. The components should support each other, creating a racking unit that can carry more than each individual part. However, you should be careful of weak spots or joints on your racks when loading them up.

Contact Professionals

Although we’ve covered how to figure out the max capacity of your pallet racks, you should always contact a professional. There are lots of parts and calculations that can go wrong and put workers in danger. The best way to avoid this is by getting in touch with professionals who know exactly what to do for your racking.

This is how you can safely determine the max load of your pallet racking. But if you get your racking from a manufacturer or professional, you can often ask them what the max weight is before they even install it.