Pallet Rack Safety Inspections

pallet rack safety inspections

Pallet Rack Safety Inspections

Hammerhead LLC. offers safety audits for reviewing warehouse racking systems for rack damage, rack safety issues, remediation, reconfigurations and relocations. Each inspector has prior racking experience before they go through a rack inspection training program to immerse themselves fully into the rack repair side of the industry.

Our professionals come to your facility to inspect, identify and recommend safety solutions, giving you a comprehensive report indicating any problem areas. You decide what works for your company and we can help implement those solutions into your warehouse or racking system.

Rack Inspections and Warehouse Audits Include: 

  • Site Surveys and safety reviews with the facility manager
  • Drawings showing the location of all safety concerns and rack damage
  • Scope of work descriptions
  • Requirements of the facility manager and racks to be unloaded
  • Rack protection recommendations – guarding, post protectors, bollards

+35 Years in the Storage & Material Handling Industry

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