A Few Things Turnkey Pallet Rack Installation Should Include

A Few Things Turnkey Pallet Rack Installation Should Include

Pallet racks are essential components of warehouses. Facilities need these specialized storage areas to house important supplies, products, and materials. When installing these components, you should exercise caution. Learn a few things turnkey pallet rack installation should include to avoid missing important steps.

Assess Location

When someone refers to a pallet rack as “turnkey,” they mean that it’s available for use as soon as construction ends. For this to happen, professionals need to take a few steps to ensure the racks will perform efficiently. One of these steps involves assessing the potential rack location.

A turnkey pallet rack installation should include an inspection of the location to determine if the design will fit and function in the best way possible. Experts should take measurements to account for height, check the floors for secure anchoring, and ensure that the blueprints follow regulations.

Staging Supplies

If you want a successful installation procedure, you can’t skip the staging phase. “Staging” refers to the preparation of materials, supplies, and the project location. After a professional has inspected the area, the staging phase may begin.

Gather all the project materials and check for any signs of damage. Waiting for new parts will significantly slow down the timeline, so someone should do this early. Then, lay out a starter bay on the desired area to form a mental picture of what everything will look like and make markings on the floor with chalk. This installation step will ensure a timely and efficient installation process.

Safety Components

Working in a warehouse involves dangerous conditions due to the presence of heavy machinery and hands-on, close contact work. As such, a good pallet rack installation should have safety components built into the space. Because of the nature of warehouse work, rack installation isn’t “turnkey” ready if it doesn’t have safety features.

There are a variety of safety components available to improve conditions around pallet racks. Successful storage facilities consider all of their options and choose the best ones for their needs. Some safety accessories include:

  • End row guards
  • Column protectors
  • Guardrails and netting
  • Capacity signs

If you want to guarantee an effective and successful installation, consider hiring professionals to get the job done right. At Hammerhead, we offer pallet rack installation services to take the pressure off you, so contact us today!