Tube Rack

tube rack pallet rack

Tube Rack | High Strength, High Flex Pallet Racking

Tube rack is a patented engineered product that mitigates uplift forces and therefore recommended for high-seismic applications, thin floor slabs or high damage-prone areas. This rack is a stronger, safer racking system for people and products with a modular, interchangeable design that costs less than both conventional roll formed rack and structural rack.

  • Dual moment frame allows flexibility both front-to-back and side to side giving it the ability to withstand impacts and seismic events more safely
  • Horizontal bolt together modular design handles more capacity with less steel
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Works with standard rack beams
  • Greater flexibility and stability during earthquakes or damages
  • Easy to install and reconfigure
  • Reduces stress on the concrete floor slab
  • Floor slab thickness can be reduced in new buildings where Tube rack is utilized – big savings
  • Modular design offers easy configuration
  • Lower Freight costs – Typically 30% savings
  • Tube rack offers more capacity than conventional racks with less steel
  • High Seismic regions
  • All Warehouse Applications

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