Structural Rack

structural pallet rack

Structural Pallet Rack | Heavy Duty Steel Pallet Racking

Structural pallet racking has a rigid c-channel design and is created by being hot rolled and welded together. This unique process enables heavy duty load capacities while offering superior protection to your pallet rack to minimize forklift damages. Structural pallet rack is also ideal for warehouses with harsh environments such as freezer distribution centers or outdoors storage. Structural Pallet Racking is easy to clean and is perfect for storing food where sanitation practices are routinely performed.

  • The most heavy-duty steel frames and beams available on the market
  • Superior strength, durability and rigidity
  • Reinforced steel C-Channels
  • Fully bolted construction (beam-to-frame connection)
  • Interchangeable with bolted roll formed beams
  • Beams adjustable on 2” increments
  • High quality powder coat finish makes it more resistant to water and corrosion, better looking, and last longer
  • Thicker steel, particularly in the corners which are primary points of impact
  • Greater damage resistance compared to roll formed racking
  • Higher load capacity
  • More resistant to seismic forces
  • Interchangeability with roll formed beams reduces costs and supports other accessory attachments providing the best solution and value
  • Low maintenance
  • High through-put, high traffic applications and high abuse areas
  • Drive-In Rack
  • Drive-Thru Rack
  • Push Back Rack
  • Pallet Flow Rack
  • Pick Modules
  • Cold Storage
  • Distribution Centers
  • Perimeter of rack systems where fork trucks are more likely hit
    • Interior rack may consist of roll formed steel (Hybrid)
  • Heavy fork truck use areas
  • Welded Structural Steel Frames available in 3”, 4” and 5” posts
  • Structural Beams available in 3”, 4”, 5” and 6”

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