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Roll Formed Pallet Rack | Medium Duty Standard Racking

Roll Formed Racking is a cold rolled coil that is run through a roll forming machine which bends the flat coil into the various beam and frame sizes. Roll Formed Racking systems is the most common pallet racking seen in most warehouses today due to its relatively cheaper price tag compared to the heavy duty structural rack. Roll formed racking can easily be adjusted, relocated or reconfigured in any warehouse. Hammerhead designs and installs roll formed pallet racks that are manufactured with various features to serve your warehouse storage needs. Roll racking systems are easy to install and provide a more flexible storage option compared to structural racking; this, in turn, offers higher storage capacity. Perfect for a wide range of spaces, including retail, commercial and industrial applications, distribution centers, and more. Available with many frames and steel beams, the roll formed racking systems will maximize your storage efficiency at a fraction of the price. Contact our trained professionals today with any questions about our roll formed pallet rack solutions—we are happy to help.

  • Boltless assembly
  • Open column design
  • Available for selective, carton flow, pallet flow, and drive-in rack
  • High quality powder coat finish makes it more resistant to water and corrosion, better looking, and last longer
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Greater flexibility compared to structural racking
  • Roll formed racking has a high capacity with less steel
  • Roll formed racking is a less expensive solution compared to structural steel
  • Capable of re configuring beam height to accommodate new product and/or pallet sizes (with approval from professional engineer)
  • Distribution centers storing medium weight products
  • Warehouses with less fork lift interaction
    • We recommend column and/or frame guards in high traffic fork lift areas
  • Retail, commercial and industrial applications
  • Back room storage areas
  • All hand loaded applications
  • Where cost is top priority
  • Catwalk systems
  • Internal frames and beams in pallet flow and push back system that are not likely to be hit
  • Low throughput applications
  • Available in 3” and 4” wide columns, 3” deep and 1 5/8“ deep
  • Available in cant-leg and step-back leg designs
  • Available in 14 gauge through 11 gauge
  • Available in 16 gauge through 14 gauge
  • 1½” interior step along the top inside edge of the beam, making it ideal for wire decking, crossbars, drum holders and other pallet rack accessories
  • End brackets available in 2-Pin, 3-Pin, and 4-Pin depending on your load capacity
  • Beam heights are available in 2½” through 6” high

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