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Mini Load ASRS | Automated Order Picking System for Boxes & Cases

Mini load systems are miniature automated storage and retrieval systems that provide quick and efficient storage for cases of containers of smaller items. Using a stacker crane that moves along a rail system, the mini load ASRS is able to store and retrieve boxes at different heights, eliminating the need for manual picking and utilizing the height of your warehouse space. The speed, reliability and accuracy of mini load automated storage and retrieval systems increase picking operations for small or irregular goods in boxes. Mini load systems are designed with faster performance and operational efficiency, resulting in higher productivity. Equipped with multiple features, mini load systems are perfect for a wide range of warehouse applications. Utilize your facility’s small space with high-performing mini load ASRS systems built for safety and simplicity.

  • Power supply – BUS bar
  • Single or double box loading or unloading
  • Max weight: 110 lbs. per box (50 kg)
  • Fully automated, semi-automated or manual product selection
  • Increased productivity & efficiency of picking operations
    • Automated picking
    • Quicker picking
    • Accurate picking
  • Increase throughput – quietly and smoothly
  • Easy to use – quick learning curve
  • Uses WMS for fully automated system or manual selection for hand picking
  • Streamline the order fulfillment process
  • Products can be stored at greater heights compared to hand picking operations
  • Product is replenished with new box for organized inventory control
  • Product will need to be picked from box via operator
  • Raw materials & finished goods with a light weight
  • Work-in-process buffering for multiple kinds of items
  • Order fulfillment centers
  • Small batch picking
  • Pharmaceutical
  • E-commerce
  • Any picking operation

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