Most Common Pallet Rack Safety Issues

Most Common Pallet Rack Safety Issues

It is easy to become complacent and trusting of pallet racks as you use them constantly. However, the truth is, the more you use the pallets, the more risk there is for workers to sustain injuries. Not only that but there are also plenty of issues that can negatively impact the safety of a racking system itself. That is why you should know the most common pallet rack safety issues.

Damage To Racks

One of the most common risks to safety in pallet racks is physical damage. This can take many forms, such as wear from usage over the years or someone bumping into a pallet with machinery.

Misaligned Racks

This is another common risk that could potentially harm employees. When your system does not sit flush with other racking, it creates a dangerous working environment. As such, you should run frequent pallet racking safety inspections or hire a service to do it for you.

Incorrect Spacing

A common problem with a lot of racks is not having the correct amount of space for workers to navigate. This can lead to problems for the workers and the racking system, as it will be easy to bump into it with machinery. It can also affect the efficiency of workers, as they take more time to move around the area.

Overloading Racking

One thing you need to be cautious about is overloading a rack with too much weight. It can be tempting to fill a rack with as much as possible. However, this can damage the rack and lead to serious injury or property damage.

Lack of Training

Lastly, it is important that not only your workers but you as well go through training to teach everyone how to be safe around racking. These training courses are an investment to reduce the risk of injury and damage around racking systems.

These are just the most common pallet rack safety issues. To avoid them, you should be careful and go through safety training. Additionally, frequent pallet rack inspections will also reduce the risk of damage and safety concerns.