ASRS Rack Supported Building

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ASRS Rack Supported Building | Floor-to-Ceiling Customized Warehouse Pallet Storage

A rack supported building is a complete independent storage rack system which provides structural support for a building’s roof and walls. These buildings provide the highest density storage possible for nearly every type of pallet rack, although ASRS is recommended.

  • Can be built at heights over +100 feet
  • Secured structural calculation and analysis
  • Customized turnkey storage solution built for your logistics needs
  • Savings on building constructions
  • Cost less, per pallet storage space, compared to free standing rack
  • Stronger than free standing rack, as it is built as a part of a building
  • Integrates seamlessly with automated storage and retrieval systems
  • Utilizes the sites vertical space, requiring less land
  • Tax depreciation advantages available

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