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Save over 50% or more repairing your damaged pallet racks compared to buying new rack.

Here, at Hammerhead we offer a complete line of service for warehouse rack repairs and remediation work in warehouse and distribution centers throughout the USA.

Warehouse Rack Repair Process

  1. We send a Rack Repair Specialist to one of your facilities to analyze your pallet rack.
  2. The Rack Repair Specialist creates a full report on any present damages.
  3. The report is reviewed by a structural engineer to determine the necessary fixes.
  4. We send you a detailed damage report and a quote for repairs.
  5. If approved, we’ll organize the equipment and shipping while creating a plan to work within your schedule.
  6. Our Project Manager will coordinate the entire process and we’ll be in and out without disrupting your business.

Pallet Rack Repair Kits

Hammerhead offers a complete line of rack repair parts in stock for quick standard repairs. Because pallet rack damage is scenario based, over 50% of all rack damage requires custom repair kits. With our own structural engineering and certified fabrication shop, we have the ability to create fully customized repair kits for any damage on any pallet rack system. Hammerhead designs, engineers, manufactures and installs pallet rack repair kits per the guidelines of the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI) to ensure quality and safety control. Our skilled repair specialists have years of experience in fabricating and installing pallet rack repair kits, components and parts. We provide fast, effective and safe repairs to any rack system with respect for the enforcement of all safety regulations.

Advantages of Using Hammerhead Warehouse Rack Repairs:

  • All Installations Are Done in Accordance with RMI Guidelines
  • In-House Engineering
  • In-House Rack Repair Kit Fabrication
  • Stock Rack Repair Kits and Parts
  • Annual Service Contracts for Single or Multi Branch Warehouses
  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Quick and Safe Installations by Trusted Professionals
  • No Unloading Your Pallet Rack in Most Cases
  • No Dismantling of Your Pallet Rack
  • Little to No Disruption of Business Operations

Frequently Asked Question About Warehouse Rack Repairs

If the pallet rack appears stable, off load it immediately. If in doubt about the safety, rope off the entire aisle until an engineer can evaluate the damage. Call Hammerhead for a safety audit.

Great question. The more information regarding the pallet rack, the better. However, our team has over 100 years of combined experience and can gather the information necessary to determine the next steps. In most cases, you will still be able to restore racks to their original condition or to the condition of when it was installed.

Absolutely not! We make a schedule that works for you and find the best way to coordinate our rack repairs with completely open communication between our project managers and your warehouse manager. We’ll be in and out of your facility with little to none interruption to your daily  business operations.

Permits are generally not required as long as the pallet rack configurations, elevations, and load capacities remain the same. In the case that they aren’t the same, permits mayor  may not be required depending on the location of your warehouse or distribution center.

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