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Keeping your warehouse or distribution center operating safely and efficiently begins with routine pallet rack inspection and maintenance. Our safety auditors are well versed in International Building Code (IBC) and Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI) guidelines and standards to ensure the highest understanding of safety. With extensive knowledge in pallet racking, our surveyors know exactly what to look for in any type of pallet rack system including pick modules and conveyor systems.

Damaged Pallet Rack Inspections

Pallet Rack needs to be inspected frequently for damages, as most forklift damages go unreported due to fear of being sanctioned. We’ll go row by row looking for signs of abuse and any other safety hazards our team is trained to spot. We look for damages in the footplates, struts, columns, frame, beams and other structural components of your racking. Our pallet rack inspector will record damages and rate them based on the severity, giving your warehouse manager the awareness of their location and condition. Any damages that compromise the structural integrity of the pallet rack needs to be unloaded and repaired immediately.

Recommendations for Damaged Pallet Rack

After our thorough inspection, we’ll provide you with a detailed report on any damages and give our recommendations for repair kits or rack protection products to improve the safety of your warehouse. At your request, we can provide you with a free quote for any repair or maintenance work that we recommend. Our rack repair services are available nationwide to support your company at any facility throughout the country.

Rack Safety Inspection Contract

Sign up for out annual contract plan based on your preference of monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or bi-annual safety audits, where one of our trained inspection professionals comes to your facilities to conduct routine audits of your pallet rack systems. As always, you’ll get you fully detailed report after each visit and 24/7 emergency response. Contact one of our Rack Specialists today and learn more about our different contract options.

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