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Need your rack removed or moved to a new facility?

Dismantling Pallet Rack & Shelving Systems

As companies merge and consolidate, they are faced the difficulties of having to move, fix or sell their expensive warehouse assets such as pallet racks, mezzanines and conveyors. We’ve been dismantling material handling systems for over a decade now and follow strict procedures to ensure the safety of the system and everyone around.  We’ll create an effective plan to do our work around your schedule without impeding on your business’s day to day operations. Our on site project manager will be there to ensure smooth operations and daily goals are achieved. Our pallet rack removal team knows how to dismantle all types of material handling equipment safely and without damaging it, giving you the best condition for resale or reuse at another facility. In the case that you want to sell it, we can help broker your pallet rack or other equipment for you using our vast network of customers.

Relocating Pallet Rack to Your New Warehouse

Once your pallet rack is uninstalled, we will bind it for shipment and coordinate the move to another facility. Upon arrival, we’ll re-install your pallet rack back up to the original drawings or any new plans stamped by a structural engineer. If you need a structural engineer to reconfigure your pallet rack into a new design, we have the capabilities of using our in-house engineering to verify and stamp your rack, guaranteeing it meets today’s codes.

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