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pallet rack maintenance and remediation

Services | Pallet Rack Maintenance & Remediation

Rack remediation work is essential for keeping your warehouse running safely and effectively by keeping up with the maintenance of your pallet rack, equipment and warehouse. Material handling equipment is abused throughout the day during normal operations and often is subject for replacing due to being a safety hazard or completely broken. But who do you call in this scenario to provide maintenance for your warehouse equipment? The answer is Hammerhead. We provide all types of services and modification work to make your warehouses as safe and functional as possible. Whether it’s adding safety protection, replacing components or repairing broken items, we can do it all. We bring all our own necessary tools to do the job and have the capabilities of on site fabrication to make sure everything functions perfectly.

What Type of Pallet Rack Remediation Does Hammerhead Do?

  • Pallet Rack Protection – column guards, end guards, floor rail guidance
  • Guard Rails – two and three rails high to protect offices, equipment and utilities
  • Guide Rails – for very narrow aisle pallet rack systems
  • Product Fall Protection for Pallet Racks – safety netting, wire mesh backing, plastic mesh
  • Pallet Rack Flue Protection – to maintain the proper transverse and longitudinal flue spaces
  • Pallet Rack Decking Recommendations – wire decks, pallet supports, Punch-deck, Pro-deck
  • Flooring Repairs on Pick Module Rack Systems – Resin Deck or Tread-Ex
  • Conveyor and VRC lift maintenance – components, roller belts etc
  • Personnel Fall Protection – reviewing gates, restraints, handrails
  • Pick Module Rack System repairs – flooring, handrail, stairs, gates, flow components, conveyors

Pick Module & Mezzanine Maintenance

  • Mezzanine Flooring Repairs
  • Pallet Flow Rack Rail Repairs
  • Carton Flow Track Repairs
  • Push Back Rack Cart Repairs
  • Conveyor System Maintenance
  • Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor Maintenance
  • Hand Rails, Kick Plates and Stairways

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