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pallet rack structural engineering

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Are you re-configuring your pallet rack system and need structural review to make sure your rack is safe?

Don’t Risk Re-configuring Your Rack Improperly

Any pallet rack that is reconfigured needs to be reviewed by a structural engineer to ensure it’s ability to handle the different loads of capacity. This is very important because each pallet rack system is specifically designed to your original plans and capacities, changing the racking creates an opportunity to overload beams, install components wrong and create weak points that hamper the structural integrity of the rack.

Hammerhead Engineering Services Include:

  • Pallet Rack Reconfiguration
  • Pallet Rack Relocation Re-installment
  • Pallet Rack System Design
  • Pallet Rack Repair Sign Off
  • Custom Rack Repair Kits & Parts

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