Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Systems

The types of conveyors available to move products is staggering.  You can move, sort, lift, divert, merge, accumulate and create a more organized, efficient, and productive workplace while making more money.  Conveyors are typically the first type of automation in most factories and warehouses.   You can start with a simple skate wheel conveyor for loading trucks and possibly expand to large multi-level pick modules in distribution centers.

  • Used for loading and unloading products, order-picking and transporting
  • Great for picking and packing operations
  • Able to merge conveyor lines together and sort products for stocking or shipping
  • Transport all sizes of boxes, full pallets or raw goods
  • Modular systems are easy to expand with straight sections, curves and accumulation zones
  • Incline conveyors move products to and from mezzanines and are reversible
  • Available in gravity, powered, inclined, telescopic, circular and countless configurations
  • Frees up space for production areas
  • Multiple options for speeds based on need
  • Accessories like diverters, mergers, optional belts, rollers, hoppers, chutes
  • Trash conveyors for takeaway of empty boxes
  • Floor supports of any height as well as the ability to hang from ceilings or mezzanines
  • Bulk conveyors for grains, rocks, silage or even sewage
  • Improves productivity – saves time
  • The conveyor moves the products, rather than manually or with fork trucks
  • Higher speed of throughput
  • Less damage to products
  • Less human error
  • Better ergonomics and less injuries
  • Incline and decline conveyors eliminate the need to carry products up and downstairs

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